Take action now to avoid winter health concerns by strengthening your family’s immunity with a new approach to vitamins. Free from sweeteners, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours – all sourced from plant based nutrients grown on organic farms – our products are fully traceable. Function at your best with the right nutrients delivered the right way.


Time for you – time for Zen.

Relax your busy mind and move forward in life as we clear energy blockages that may be brought on by stress or fear.


Do you wake up feeling tired, no energy and wonder how you’re going to get through your day? Try our highly filtered energised oxygenated water from the Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australian made and owned. With a pH of 8.5 and 90,000+ ppm of Oxygen Equivalence compared to 360 ppm of Melbourne tap water; it only takes one 5 ml shot a day to feel your best.

What does healthy mean to you?

My theory was If I wasn’t sick, I was pretty healthy. 
I am a vegetarian so always carefully  compensated for not eating the meat. With low iron levels I lacked energy and I always got a “lull” around 1.30-2pm. I gained some weight which tended to sit around the middle area, was snacking on the wrong things in between meals and got into the habit of a glass of wine or beer every evening.

I found Sarah at Neuro Body Balance who helped me with my menopause symptoms, which by the way are not normal!  Did you know that?  I found that my adrenals were fatigued and needed some much needed TLC.  I had been running on caffeine and hidden sugars in my foods.  Sarah worked on my glands and hormones and then it was time to get my adrenals sorted.  To let my chemistry sort itself out I had to cut out sugar for 2 weeks.  I mean all sugar.  I could not believe where it was coming from.  Did you know there are 72 names for sugar on ingredient packets!

I’m sleeping better.  I have way more energy and all time.  I supplemented with these special food state organic supplements.  I was amazed how good I feel.  These things really pack a punch with 22 plant concentrates in them.  12 vitamins and 11 minerals.  I now use them all the time to support my body for optimal health.

This got me started on my quest for more…

You have the motivation and the mindset for a lifestyle change and you benefit all round in the process I learned all this through WL4W Weight Loss 4 Well Being

What’s it about?
  • Eating Real food – regulating protein, fat and carbohydrates – snacking as much as you need.
  • Supporting your biochemistry with the right nutrition to ensure results.
  • A proven scientifically backed program
  • Proven results.  Do it right…you will get the results you want.
  • Guidance all the way with your own personal health Coach
  • Be part of a “like minded” community

I continue on my path towards Optimal Health and hope I can assist you with yours!

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